We will listen and provide you with telephone support

We will arrange a once off assessment appointment with our support workers for you

We will offer further follow up appointments, court accompaniment and referrals to other agencies as needed

Openings for volunteers with DVR come up from time to time.

These include work in our office, fundraising and public awareness raising.

If you would like to get involved, submit an expression of interest and a CV to dvr@indigo.ie

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We provide the following services:

Our One to One Support Service will provide face to face support / information and counseling to you. It can be good to sit down with someone to talk about your situation. DVR will provide information on your options and support you and advocate on your behalf.
Our staff are highly skilled and experienced, and will offer support and information on a once-off or ongoing basis, according to your needs.

Making applications for orders under domestic violence legislation can be stressful. Sometimes, legal court system with its unfamiliar language and procedures, can be intimidating. You may avail of our court accompaniment service for any of the following reasons, which require a visit to court:
~Application for a protection, barring, safety, custody and/or maintenance order
~Breech of orders granted by the court
~Family court hearing for barring, safety, custody, maintenance order
~Criminal court hearing for assault charges against a spouse/partner
~Family court hearing for judicial separation or divorce

On the day of your court hearing, the DVR Worker will:
Provide emotional support, both before, during and after the court proceedings
~ Support you as you face your abusive partner on the day
~ Clarify legal terminology for you
~ Help you to come to terms with the decision of the court
~ Inform you of possible follow-up proceedings/options
~ Identify safety measures for you and your children following the court hearing.

DVR runs support groups for women who have left their relationships. These include a Paths to Freedom Programme and a course called Parenting in the Aftermath of Domestic Violence.

A waiting list operates for both these programmes.
Please contact our service for brochures.


Services for Women and Children
Office Hours 10am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
Accompanying women to other service's including Gardai and solicitors

• Transport to refuge

• Liaising with service providers

• Attending case conferences

• Referral to other agencies

• Preparation of marital and relationship histories

• Arranging emergency accommodation and providing transport, as required

• Writing letters on behalf of clients

• Seeking financial assistance for women

• Helping to secure private rented accommodation

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