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'I Know a Woman' by April O'Connor
is a collection of poems and sketches which, in its entirety, traces one Irish woman's journey from victim to survivor of domestic violence. It is an astonishingly brave collection, and one that challenges the reader to engage on an emotional level, not only with the woman behind the words on the page, but with the concept of domestic violence as it is (mis)understood in our society. It is an important collection that will touch everyone who reads it.

'Living to Tell the Tale' told by survivors of domestic violence. Women united for an end to violence - 2004.

This manual illustrates the everyday reality of so many people who live with and survive domestic violence. The personal stories articulate the raw fear, the searing pain, the confusion, the poverty and the isolation of those living with and surviving domestic violence. It covers topics such as perpertrators, the impact of domestic violence on women and children, the difficulties of leaving and it gives insights into healing and moving on.

Life's Real Fairytale is a booklet produced by Domestic Violence Response in conjunction with St. Paul's Secondary School.

This booklet was written and designed by transition year students to address the lack of information on dating and sexual violence for young people. It is direct and informative and includes topics such as healthy versus unhealthy relationships, early warning signs of dating violence, the cycle of abuse, perpetrator behaviour, exploration of sexual boundaries, stories of young women's experience of abusive dating relationships and information on how to help a friend.
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