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• Quick involvement/ says he loves you after only a very short time/ becomes very intense very quickly/ you feel under pressure and things are moving too fast

• May be extremely jealousy/ accuses you of looking at other men, drawing attention to yourself, flirting/ becomes upset if you talk to other men/ refer to your male friends
• the stance may be a withdrawing one in the relationship , refusing to commit, will not be told what to do, will not take your feelings into account,

• Controlling behaviour- both overt and covertly "Are you really going to wear that?" "do you really think that"

• Unpredictable mood swings

• Heavy alcohol and/or drug use

• Explosive anger (not necessarily towards you)

• Isolates you from your friends and family/ is upset or hurt if you want to go out with your friends without him/ puts your friends down/ finds reasons not to like your friends and family/ claims that they don't like him/ wants to spend every minute
•ith you

• Uses force/ aggression during an argument

• Shows hypersensitivity

• Believes in rigid sex roles

• Blames others for his problems or feelings

• Cruel to animals or children

• Verbally abusive

• Abused former partners

• Threatens violence

The above behaviours are indicators, warning signs, and not all of them individually mean that you are definitely involved with a potential perpetrator. However, they have been identified through research and experiences of women to be associated with relationships that become increasingly abusive, violent and difficult to end. You have the right to set your own pace and boundaries in a relationship and have these respected by your partner.

• If you are worried that you may be in an abusive relationship, take our relationship quiz.

• Trust your instincts!!! If it feels wrong it probably is.

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