Despite your best efforts to shield and protect your children from the domestic violence that is going on at home, in the vast majority of cases, children of all ages will witness the violence and be aware of it and effected by it.

Witnessing domestic violence can mean:
~ actually seeing the violence by being in the same room or possibly trying to intervene in it, or forced to take part in it
~ hearing the violence and abuse,
~ observing the aftermath of the abuse (bruises, blood, broken furniture, torn clothes etc.)


Living with domestic violence in a climate of uncertainty and fear can affect children in many different ways as they grow up.

You may be afraid that if you seek help, your children could be taken away from you, but it is the opposite.

You are never responsible for a violent partner's abuse.

Seeking help and support is the responsible thing to do for your children and it is important if you are to protect your children from further harm and get the appropriate supports they may already need.

Children are resilient and with support can overcome the effects of domestic violence.

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IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 and domestic violence is happening in your home it is important that you know that adult domestic violence is never your fault and it is not your job to fix it. You are not alone, domestic violence happens in many families and there are people and services that you can turn to that can help you and your family.

Here are some safe sites that will help you find the information and support you need.


DVR can advise you on the different supports and services that are available for your children, such as play therapy and child counselling, as well as offer you support with parenting issues.

Our service offers child therapy to children who no longer live in violent situations.

Referral to appropriate agencies to provide ongoing assistance.

Interventions to assist parenting in the aftermath of domestic violence
This eight week programme addresses the issues that can arise for women when they leave abusive relationships. Topics include: re-establishing parental control, creating violent free homes , helping children talk about domestic violence and navigating contact with ex-partner now.
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